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Heinz Radio

Feb 11, 2019

Sam Franklin is the VP of Schools for AltSchool, a network of tuition-funded pre-kindergarten through 8th-grade lab schools throughout San Francisco and New York City. Prior to his current job, Sam worked as the Executive Director for the Office of Teacher Effectiveness at Pittsburgh Public Schools. Beginning his teaching career as 6th-grade math and science teacher as an AmeriCorps member, Sam went on to receive his MSPPM from Heinz College in 2007. Utilizing the ideas developed in his systems project, Sam founded the Pittsburgh Science and Technology Academy (SciTech), one of the highest overall performing public high schools in the city.

Earlier this year, Heinz Radio host, Sara Jackson was able to sit down with Sam and pick his mind on topics ranging from how his education at Heinz helped put him on a path to success, to general leadership strategies he has picked up over the years, and where the future of education policy may be going in the U.S.

To learn more about Sam, check out his full bio and support information on the AltSchool site, or follow Sam on Twitter @samfranklin1000

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