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Heinz Radio

Oct 27, 2018

In the second episode of our 2018 Midterms Special Edition, Heinz Radio contributors Collin T Hayes and Sarah Schreck bring you three more candidates to discuss their passions for policy and public service, their views on the current partisan climate, and their visions for our political future.

First, Collin speaks with Susan Moran Palmer (02:16), a healthcare professional and candidate for the US Congress from Ohio’s 16th House District. Ms. Moran Palmer offers her policy prescriptions for addressing runaway costs and lack of access in our healthcare system, and discusses some of the unique public health issues facing Ohio.

Then, we are joined by Casey Weinstein (28:44), a City Councilman from Hudson, Ohio, who has been endorsed by former President Obama in his candidacy for the Ohio House of Representatives’ 37th District. Mr. Weinstein explains how he plans to invest in local communities, fight for excellent public education, and deliver twenty-first century job opportunities to Ohio if elected.

Finally, we hear from Congressman Mike Doyle (51:30), representative of Pennsylvania’s 14th House District, which includes the city of Pittsburgh. Representative Doyle talks about the changing character of Pittsburgh’s economy, and how he plans to protect consumer data and fight for a free and open internet if Democrats regain the House in 2019.

To learn more about our guests, follow them on social media:
Susan Moran Palmer: @SusanPalmerOH on Facebook and Twitter
Casey Weinstein: @CaseyforOhio on Facebook and Twitter
Rep. Mike Doyle: @USRepMikeDoyle on Facebook and Twitter