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Heinz Radio

Dec 3, 2018

This week on Heinz Radio we speak with Emily Kennedy Co-founder and CEO of Marinus Analytics, and a CMU alum. Emily’s company utilizes AI facial-recognition technology to gather critical intelligence regarding human-trafficking victims for law enforcement agencies. As a young girl, Emily was inspired to help fight against human trafficking and has been dedicated to the cause ever since. She founded Marinus Analytics in her dorm room at CMU and leveraged the help of the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute to help develop their key product- TrafficJam.

Emily’s innovative spirit and fierce dedication to the cause have led her to win numerous accolades including the Toyota Mother of Invention award. She continues to lend her time to advise, and work alongside law enforcement and empower the sector with the technology to optimize their time. Despite having achieved so much, Emily refuses to rest and speaks to her future goals of mobilizing TrafficJam so that law enforcement agents have access to the tools they need wherever they go.

In the episode Emily also talks about what it means to be a woman working at the intersection of technology and law enforcement, and how she has tackled the unique challenges this presents. If you are interested in AI, social good, female empowerment, or all the above listen to this podcast and prepare to be inspired!

Emily also has a podcast where she interviews women leaders across a variety of industries! Be sure to check it out at this link: