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Heinz Radio

Nov 4, 2019

Thorough data analysis is crucial to human rights investigations – but collecting and understanding these data can provide an incredible challenge. In this week’s episode, Patrick Ball, Director of Research at Human Rights Data Analysis Group, joins us to discuss his experience with these challenges and the importance of applying rigorous science to human rights investigations.
Patrick Ball, PhD, has spent the last 25 years conducting quantitative analysis for truth commissions, non-governmental organizations, international criminal tribunals, and United Nations missions in El Salvador, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Haiti, South Africa, Chad, Sri Lanka, East Timor, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Kosovo, Liberia, Perú, Colombia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Syria. Patrick has provided expert testimony in several trials, including those of Slobodan Milošević, the former President of Serbia; José Efraín Ríos Montt, former de-facto president of Guatemala; and Hissène Habré, the former President of Chad.