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Heinz Radio

Sep 23, 2018

How do you really build trust between communities and the police?David Hickton continues to impress us with this week's episode. Following the conversation they had in Part 1, Kee Won and David dive right into the opioid crisis, the tough team struggles of building community trust with police, and why Pittsburgh was the perfect laboratory for innovations in cybercrime.  

David's journey through the Opioid Crisis is a unique one. His perspective as attorney and cybercrime expert allowed him to approach this problem in an unlikely manner. He talks about the boom in prescribing patterns, going after bad doctors, the National Heroin Task Force, and building a "reservoir of trust" between police forces and their communities. 

He also talks about how his team's boldness in cybercrime and the opioid crisis translated to hunting down fraud in the education system and intellectual property theft.