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Heinz Radio

Sep 10, 2018

This week’s episode has Eugene interviewing Nick Rockwell, the Chief Technology Officer of the New York Times. Prior to joining the New York Times, Nick was the CTO of Conde Naste for three years. He also served as CTO of The Ladders, digital CTO at MTV Networks and he was the technical founder of the editorial music startup SonicNet.

We had a great conversation around technology and media as a whole, starting with his background in the technology space for different mediums. We touch on topics ranging from big data in media, how technologies like AI, machine learning, and blockchain may or may not affect the industry, and about how the New York Times continues to evolve. We also talked about algorithmic bias, GDPR, which is the General Data Protection Regulation that went into effect earlier in 2018, and some examples of hype cycles around tech before.