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Heinz Radio

Sep 17, 2018

This week’s episode has Sara Jackson interviewing Regina R. Smith, who is the managing director of The Kresge Foundation’s Arts & Culture Program. This conversations covers a lot of ground in terms of funding change in arts and culture, and the interesting creative placemaking focused approach that Kresge is currently taking.

Regina has been with Kresge since 2008 and previously worked at the Arts & Science Council in Charlotte, N.C.,as vice president of grants and services. She also served as programs and services director at Culture Works in Dayton, Ohio, for five years and managed a program for the Indiana Arts Commission prior to that. Regina was the recipient of a nine-month Arts Administration Fellowship, where she was in residence with three arts organizations: the Madison Art Center, COMPAS in St. Paul, Minn., and Chicago’s Department of Cultural Affairs. She began her career as a museum educator at the Cleveland Children’s Museum and the Cleveland Museum of Art.