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Heinz Radio

Jan 21, 2019

This week, Matthew Fochs sits down with Paul Triolo. Paul is a China Digital Economy Fellow at New America focusing on global technology policy issues, cyber-security, internet governance, ICT regulatory issues, and emerging areas such as automation, AI/Big Data, ambient intelligence, and fintech. 

While the relationship between the US and China has a long history of tension, recent actions by the governments of both counties has brought those tensions to a new pinnacle. Matthew Fochs had the chance to sit down with Paul in late November as the world braced for the G20 summit in Buenos Aires and the looming new trade tariffs between the US and China set to take hold on January 1.

However, before they get to that elephant in the room, Paul talks about the “Made in China 2025” initiative, recent cybersecurity and IP theft, one of the hot button topics during the 2016 Presidential Election – the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), and the current administration’s actions towards China Technology company, ZTE.